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Chasselas, a small village in southern Burgundy, nestled in the heart of a natural cirque, planted with vines. Just a stone's throw from the Roche de Solutré, this is where the Pacaud family put down roots in the middle of the 20th century.

Our grandparents, Marie-Geneviève and André, settled in Chasselas in 1954, the year our father Guy was born. They began their mixed farming business with vines and livestock.

It was only natural that Guy should take over the estate at the end of the 1970s. He quickly developed the winegrowing business by planting and buying up vines around the village. He was already working the soil, aware of its importance to the plant.
At the time, most of the wines were sold in bulk.

"We didn't stay in Chasselas by default, we stayed here because we love our village and our region"

From a very early age, we were surrounded by this environment of winegrowers. Each season brought its own pleasures and discoveries: Pruning in winter, when we helped our parents to pull the wood; spring, that magical moment when the buds appear; the hot summer, when we enjoyed the coolness on the edge of the woods that border most of our plots; the blessed period of the grape harvest, when we climbed proudly onto the harvest carts and listened, ears wide open, to the stories of the grape-pickers... As for the autumn, we spent our time with our father in the cellar, listening to the wine and walking along the Chasselas paths...

Our estate
is still family-run