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Domaine Pacaud's constant obsession is to produce 'pure' wines.
It's such a complicated objective because it's so difficult to know what each terroir has to offer. Over the years, we've learned to get to know each of them better and thus to 'tame' them.

And yet, thanks to our knowledge of each of our vineyards, we believe that we are now able to extract, for each vintage, the typical character of each of our plots. The work we do in the vineyard is tailored to each plot.

When we bring in our hand-picked grapes, we are certain that they already contain the subtlety of their terroir.

"We'll be able to say that we've had a good vintage when, on tasting, you feel the emotion of the terroir from which the wine was born."

There is little intervention in the cellar. After direct pressing for our whites and semi-carbonic fermentation for our reds, with no sulphur added, we mature the wine either in stainless steel vats or in oak barrels, using indigenous yeasts. We then give each of our cuvées time to 'mature' at its own pace.

We have begun the certification process to obtain the "wine made from organically grown grapes" label in 2019.
From the 2022 vintage, all our wines will be able to proudly display this label!

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